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updated March 29 2005

F1=FAKE? Has the current desire to 'spice up' F1 with quirky qualifying rules and the reliance on pit stops for overtaking created a kind of fake racing, where wheel to wheel is no longer real? 30/07/03

BENETTON IN VENICE Simon Lewis recalls the launch of the Benetton B201 in a suitably different location.... 29/3/05

WHY NO AMERICAN DRIVERS IN F1? Rainier Ehrhardt considers the situation from an American point of view. 29/03/05 THIS PAGE IS BEING MOVED AND WILL REAPPEAR SHORTLY

WILLIAMS & HOW TO LOSE WORLD CHAMPIONS Why is it that the team just cannot keep it's top drivers happy enough to stay? Dean Grail looked into the background of the team's driver relations problem in 2000 and things don't seem to have changed much.... 28/03/05

F1 : A SPORT OR WHAT? How much sport is left in the business of F1, how has it altered the fan's attitudes over the last two decades. Simon Lewis lamented the situation in 1998 and we wonder if it's improved since then?.31/10/98

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