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....firstly those that are in print...

LAND SPEED RECORD 1926-39 As Chronicled In the UK Press.a large soiftback, just published which contains pages and pages of reproduced magazine features from before the war on cars from BABS to the Napier Railton.Superb vlaue at £14.95 plus £3 postage order it from SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP

LAND SPEED RECORD BREAKERS by Unique Motor Books. a smilar soncept of reproduced magazine articles but covering the postcar years too.Priced £12.95 plus £3 p&p and available now from SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP

LAND SPEED RECORD BREAKERS ; A SECOND LOOK. by the same publisher has another buch of features including the MG record cars of the 30s 40s and 50's , PRIME TIME, the British LSR holder and THRUST SSC..Priced £12.95 plus £3 p&p and available now from SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP

100 YEARS OF THE WORLD'S LAND SPEED RECORD 1898-1946. By Kassman. A small 30 page booklet with concise text and s anumber of small but interesting photos.Just £3.95 plus £2 p&p from SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP

THRUST. the biog of Richard Noble, the man behind Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC, the two most recent record holders. Superb book in just about every respect.Highly recommended.320 ppages £20 plus £3 p&p or a new paperback at £7.99 plus £2 p&p, both available from SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP

THE LAND SPEED RECORD "Shire Album" series. small paperback by David Tremayne with brief history but some nice photos.Very cheap to obtain (£2-£3)

LAND SPEED RECORD 1898-1999 By Brooklands Books. Another of the 'reprinted magazine features' tyope books but this is the BEST by far, based on the collections of cuttings that author Cyril Posthumous used to write the definative LSR book back in the 1970's with addes recent material plus an intro by David Tremayne and much much more. There is a hardback limited edition version at £59.99 all 700 pages of it or the same text can be found in 5 softback volumes of just over 100 pages each at £12.95 each

FASTEST MEN ON EARTH. Holthuson. 1999 publication which LOOKS fantastic and has photos that make your eyes water but it also has a huge number of sometimes unforgivable errors which make it fairly worthless as a reference tool as one is unsure what to believe! The author also seems to be the only man on earth who actually believes that BUDWEISER ROCKET went through the sound barrier back in 1979 (where were the sonic booms,the times, the data to authenticate it?). Buy it for the photos but read it at your peil! 200 pages £20.00 plus £3.50 p&p from SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP

Now Those that are out of print and need to be sourced from a second hand book dealer

THE LAND SPEED RECORD by Posthumous & Tremayne, two editions,one pre Thrust 2 issued mid 1970s and a more recent mid-80's edition which covers Thrust 2 and also the projects which were then in progress(most long since failed to appear).This is THE book to aim for as it is both comprehensive and well illustrated,writen by professionals and in the case of Tremayne, a member of the Thrust squad in the early 80's.

MAN AGAINST THE SALT by Harvey Shapiro.1997,a worthy bok which is mainly concerned with the legendary ART ARFONS but contains lots of information on the whole record scene from the mid 50s untill summer of 97 - it came out just before Green's record. Shapiro was on the spot during the Breedlove-Arfons epic of the mid 60's and knows his stuff! Recently out of print and now a bit tricky to locate .(try SIMON LEWIS TRANSPORT BOOKSHOP )

CHALLENGER by Mickey Thompson. Rare book about the drag racer who almost cracked Cobb's record in the early 60's.paperback edition also available,neither easy to find.

THE RECORD BREAKERS by Leo Villa  Superb biography of Campbell's mechanic from  Malcolm's early days to Donald's demise.Published 1968,land and water record covered with losts of photos. Rare but not expensive(£25-30)

LIFE WITH THE SPEED KING Villa & Desmond.later biog by Mr Villa,it's quite thin and only covers up to Malcolm's 300mph run in 1935 but the photos are fantastic! Published 1979,price now £15-£20

THE WATER SPEED RECORD by Villa and Desomnd. rare item.I have seen one in 13 years as a full time book seller! price? Maybe £50 now.

POWER BOAT SPEED by Desmond.includes racing as well as records but it's very good and well worth having.Published late 80's price now £15-25

INTO THE WATER BARRIER by Donald Campbell.published mid 50's price now £20-25

BLUEBIRDS by Gina Campbell.Donald's daughter,Malcolm's grand-daughter,tells the family side of things.hardback and paperback available- inexpensive in both cases

WITH CAMPBELL AT CONNISTON by Knowles.the fatal last attempt in 1967 in detail,a rare original,recently reprinted in limited numbers.Shortly that too will be rare.

BLUEBIRD AND THE DEAD LAKE by Pearson.The best of all books on what it is like to be actually there,trying to break the land speed record.Very incisive,full of the background and trauma of Campbell's 1964 record in Australia.HIGHLY reccomended! Hardback about £30, paperback about £5

THE JOHN COBB STORY by Davis. rare 1950's title which would be about £40-50 now.

SIR HENRY SEGRAVE by Posthumous,includes also his Grand prix career,1960's book,rare no and going for £30-£40

There are a lot more titles available,almost all out of print now.A host of books of Campbell,father and or son,have been written,a rare one on Breedlove,a couple of pre war ones which are generally a bit insubstantial and in the case of the George Eyston books like FLAT OUT ,just plain awefull! The list will shortly include a new book on the THRUST SSC by David Tremayne which is said to be first class in all respects.

One pretty dodgy book,which is worth  finding just for the nice colour photos is the mid 80's ttitle LAND SPEED RECORD  SOUND BARRIER AND BEYOND by the previously mentioned Peter Holthuson - it's also full of  the errors he repeats in his current book - it's not to be taken as the final word on the subject -find the book by Posthumous & Tremayne for that! 




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