2010 Photos all courtesy of Steve Parker

Earlier photos courtesy of Martin Underwood



As it was in January 2010


Back To Defunct Stock Car Tracks


The 'left hand' end of the track

Back Straight

New offices on the edge of the old front straight

Main Gates seen from the road

..and from the other direction, away from the track

Looking down Hemmington Lodge Rd from the main gates

MARTIN UNDERWOOD (327) recalls

I used to race with a team called the “Paxo Squad” the cars were green with an orange stripe and we raced in all the formulas. On a good Day the “Paxo Squad “ would turn up at the meeting with about 6 mini stocks, 4 or 5 bangers and 2 or 3 hotrods

I think the track died around the 1990.

When I used to race there the track was owned be a Mr Drake who died in the early 1980’s the track was then run by his widow and her  children ( I believe they still live in the area) until it closed.

The Cars that were in the Salvage yard when I was racing there were mainly old bangers that had been used on his track And were at the end of their useful life. But he would sell bits of off them back to the drivers at a cheap rate i.e. you could get a wheel and tyre for 50p



"I was a regular at Great Gidding during the (I think) late 70's and early 80's. I was just a kid (born 1970) and went there with younger sister, our parents and late nan.  

The track ran a program of bangers, mini-contacts and hot-rods in equal number. The predominant banger teams were 'The Hound Dogs' in red, black and white and their rivals 'The Mr Men' in orange - both teams having mostly Oxfords or Cambridges. As I recall, we were big fans of 'The Silver Machines' who ran Triumph 2000's.  
Such a shame it is now an industrial estate. I have tried to research a bit of the history but not been very successful. It is like the track never existed."



i work for an advertising company which is on the old Great Gidding raceway site In Cambridgeshire so thought it best if i took a few photos!
I never had the pleasure of watching racing at Gidding in its heyday which is a shame because i dont have anything to compare it with and there's very little evidence to say there ever was.

Im told a few various companies have had the site before the firm i work for took it over and the tarmac or concrete surface was broken up for unknown reasons leaving us with huge flooded potholes.